Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Panda Express is my favorite "fast food" restaurant ever. I discovered that there is one in Longview and that made me very happy.

Following just behind us or just in front of us on our trip through Death Valley and to the Northern California Coast and up into Oregon and Washington are Carol and Doug.

They finally caught up with us Sunday afternoon and decided to spend a night here in the park. I found out that they had never eaten at a Panda Express and I just had to take it upon myself to rectify this terrible injustice.

So off to dinner we went. I hope they enjoyed it half as much as Jim and I did. They are Escapees members from Virginia Beach, VA. It is so fun to finally be able to put faces to all the people you talk to on the forum.


  1. Guilty - never been to one either. I only eat at Chinese restaurants where I peronally know of someone who has eaten there and survived to tell about it. MEOW!

  2. I love Panda Express! I order it to go and get half and half rice and noodles, plus mushroom chicken, beef & broccoli, and orange chicken. That's enough food to feed me three meals so I don't have to cook for days. :)

  3. I love Panda Express also. I believe there are some in Yuma. We'll do lunch!!


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