Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Billings Wrap Up

Wall, South Dakota – High 96  Low 57

Labor Day week-end – they labored. Got all the siding finished on the house. The fence is completely repaired. All the skirting was replaced. The wooden shed was painted. The two windows that were leaking are sealed up tight.

Almost done.


Measure three times and then cut. (The fence does not belong to us. We may get the kids to paint it anyhow.)


The roofers delivered the shingles on Friday and we thought they would be back on Saturday but no sign of them. However, bright and early Sunday morning the crew showed up and went to work. They were really impressive workers – very neat and no goofing off. They finished both the roof on the house and on the shed Sunday. Very impressive.


We left all the clean up to the kids as well as putting up the new metal shed. They were going to bribe some friends to come help them with dinner on the grill.

We also bribed Todd and Michaela with dinner out at a new Mexican restaurant in Billings.


Have to include a picture of our grandpups.






  1. They certainly did labor over Labor Day. Aren't you glad they have it behind them and you're almost ready to hit the road.

  2. Looks nice! Love the grandpups! Almost on the road!!! I know you can't wait!

  3. Gosh, you folks accomplished a lot--well done! Love your grandpups!

  4. Sounds like everything is coming together very nicely... Glad the kids can finish it all up--with some help from their friends... Love your Granddogs....

    Can't wait to hear where you all are off to.

  5. Hard to believe how Jim has bounced back from all the health issues he had. It really looks great since we saw the place. I remember Zoey but can't remember two dogs.

  6. WOW...they came out on a Sunday. I am not sure I ever heard of a construction crew working on a Sunday.

    Their home looks like new.


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