Friday, August 29, 2014

Aunt Happy, The Girls, More Hail Repair, and Rides

Billings, MT  High 88  Low 63

Last Saturday Aunt Happy turned 101. When I talked to her she told me that somebody had said she was starting to look older and that really did not sit well with her. However, she is doing good – really good for 101. But I know she would be really happy not to see 102 on this earth.

We had two very unhappy pups when we picked them up from the Vet. Skitz had to have two teeth pulled and was really angry with me. They slept most of the time and got to have a little bit of dinner. Skittlez finally relented and let me hold her. Scooter curled up in Jim’s lap for the evening. They are feeling much better today but I still feel so bad for Skitz.

The repair work is coming along quite well. There is some mess involved. It was getting dark when these pictures were taken.



Old siding down and Tyvek started.


Small hitch – need to have Charter Communications remove their box from the back so Jim could get new siding up and they could put the box back up. The Charter guy lent a helping hand.


While all this is going on, Michaela is painting the wooden shed.


Jim got a call from the roofing company. They will be here today to start on the new roof. Should be finished by Saturday. Maybe, just maybe we’ll be out of here by Tuesday.

Todd has the neatest bike. He’s going to ride it to work today because a lot of the guys he works with (at a FORD dealership) want to see the bike. It has a gas motor and gets fantastic mileage.


And this is our new ride. (I wish.) Jim took the truck in for it’s yearly maintenance and this is the loaner he brought home. I fell in love with a burgundy CTS and he thought I’d enjoy a test drive. It is really nice but I am so spoiled by our truck. The truck rides so nicely and is so comfortable. Cars just don’t seem that comfy.


carI was really surprised to see an analog clock. I guess it’s a Cadillac thing.

Things have not slowed down around here. Our goal is still to get out of here next Tuesday.


  1. Sorry to hear about all of the hail damage.. BUT--it looks like (with alot of help) you all are getting it all done. Hope you do get to leave on Tuesday.

    Sorry about your baby's teeth removal. Bless his heart.... Hope he is doing okay by now...


  2. 101 Wow, that is fantastic and I am glad to hear that she is doing well. Hope the pups are feeling better soon.

  3. 101 is a lot of years. I don't think I'd want to go past 90 though - will be lucky to make it to 80 no doubt.

    I would much prefer an analog clock in my car. That's what I have in my house and on my wrist. And I'd give anything to have a car radio that had regular dials. They are hard to find though.

  4. 101 wow that a lot of years, glad she is doing well yet.
    Love the bike.

  5. The storm sure did a number on things - seems like the things needing to be done is never ending. Our Buick also has an analog clock, but it never seems to be right.

  6. Your Aunt Happy still cracks me up....looking older! I don't believe it.

    So glad the kids are home and comfy. I am sure they will forgive day....hehe

  7. We're waiting to see you. Hope everything goes as planned.

  8. Repairs are coming right along--sometimes it seems as if the lists never end. The CTS is Jim's dream car--analog clock. Huh. Sorry to hear about the pups--hope forgiveness come quickly. Take good care.

  9. Aunt Happy is a hoot. She sure has seen a lot of changes in her lifetime.

  10. Analog clocks are all the rage in high end luxury cars. Who'd a thunk old tech would be in such demand!

  11. That must have been some storm!

    I remember analog clocks in cars (we just called them clocks then right) they never worked for more than a couple of months.

  12. Happy birthday to Aunt Happy.
    Looks like you're are surrounded by a whirlwind of activity as the repairs progress. I hope it all comes together as planned, but I guess that's your job Sandie.

  13. Glad to hear your pup likes you again.

    My dad always told me to never drive a Caddy first if you wanted to buy a Chevy. I've followed that advice all these years and for the most part have been happy with my cars. Plus, only old people drive Caddys and Lincolns. LOL

    You must be getting antsy to hit the road again. I know we are.

  14. SO glad your dog forgave you! lol. Happy trails.

  15. Poor Skittlez! Happy Birthday to Aunt Happy! Lot's of August birthdays. Things are looking great at the house. We hope you're able to hit the road Tuesday.

  16. You are starting to sound like Jeri: busy, busy, busy. :)

  17. ONE HUndred and ONE??? holy moly! Happy Birthday Aunt Happy!

    ....did you watch the aging segment on CBS Sunday Morning… this morning?

    aw… who would say such a thing to her about looking older.. me, probably with my no filter mouth … naw .. .even I wouldn't do that .. surely.

    oh noooo Skitz had two teeth pulled … poor little girl! what will you feed her? how in the world did she get rotten teeth? … a dog? never heard of such but then I'm still young .. haven't heard of a lot of stuff…

    You're right … y'all are busy busy busy on this taking a break Labor Day HOLIDAY …

  18. Replies
    1. Aunt Happy is amazing, looks like repairs are coming along nicely. Sorry we missed you guys in billings, we'll see you guys in Arizona.

  19. Poor puppies. I'm more nervous than Jack when I take him to the vet for anything. Having two teeth pulled is something to be mad about!

    I lost my sister-in-law day before yesterday. Yesterday was to be her 93rd birthday. She lived a long, wonderful life, and I am happy for her that she passed peacefully.

    She was a beautiful person. She would have been VERY indignant if someone said she looked old. She was vain to the very end. I can't imagine anyone saying something unkind to Aunt Happy. How ignorant.

    You and Jim certainly are busy. Looks like he and Todd just about rebuilt the house. Thank goodness for their skills.

    My truck is noisy!!! It's funny, though, it kind of settles down into its comfort zone around 60-65 mph. I can almost feel it wiggle around and hear it say, "Ahhhh..." Hope you make your goal to be on the move by next Tuesday. The weather is still HOT here! Can't wait for fall temps.


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