Monday, September 29, 2014

Patsy and Tom

Mechanicsville, VA  High 79  Low 54

We made our move down to Mechanicsville, VA and that 33 miles just about wore Jim out. We are parked in Patsy and Tom’s driveway. I met Patsy when we were at a Country Jamboree at Bull Run. This was shortly after I met Jim and he decided to go fishing that week-end instead of spending the time with me. So I went to the concert with Randy. I finally figured out how important fishing was to Jim and forgave him. Never did date Randy again. Besides, Jim was a much better dancer than Randy.

Patsy and I just really hit it off and became great friends. She even lived with Jim and I for a couple of weeks so she became his “other” wife. Then she met Tom and the four of us had great times together.


And now we are having more great times. Patsy had corned beef and cabbage fixed for dinner and we visited and caught up on family news and solved world problems.

The backyard.


They have a beautiful home on almost two acres of land. Lots of trees and Patsy has a knack for making everything around her beautiful. Tom keeps busy officiating at volley ball games. They also bought a fifth wheel and took a trip out to Arizona but that was in August. They had a good time but said it was way too hot. I’m trying to convince them to give it a try during the winter months.

Skittlez running up the driveway – headed for Mom and the treats.


Scooter’s idea of heading for home. Let’s mosey up the drive way and see what else I can find to chase out here before I’m forced to go inside.


No harnesses or leashes and they couldn’t be happier. I tried to get another picture of Skittlez running to me. She just tears up the ground as fast as those little legs will go. Ears just a flapping.


Friday we are going to visit one site I’ve wanted to go to for years. I am really excited.


  1. Wow...what a gorgeous place to spend a few days. I love her landscaping.

    Jim should thank Randy for having two left feet. Lol

  2. Beautiful yard! You had a wonderful visit. Can't wait to see what you're excited about - hurry and post on it, would ya?

  3. Those dogs are so darn cute! Keep having a great time.

  4. This is beautiful! and what a nice friendship ... hahaaa Jim's a better dancer, eh ... ha

  5. Looks like another great place for you to hang out for a few more days.

  6. What a gorgeous yard. No wonder the dogs are happy.

  7. I am enjoying your all --as you travel from place to place, seeing lots of great friends... Yes--I would agree that Arizona is HOT in Summer. Your friends need to visit there in the winter!!! Cute dogs --and what a lovely place your friends have.


  8. Great to see the pups out running free - I'll bet they just love that. What a beautiful yard.

  9. Yes, the girls look so happy to be untethered.

  10. Gretchen and Willie are just like your comes immediately and the other is checking out all his options and then we also have Harley who kind of falls in the middle. Nice place to stay.

  11. We once came along "Mechanicsville" and I thought what a funny name for a town. Full of mechanics it must be.

  12. Nice place to spend a few days and let the dogs run free.


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