Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Family Dynamics

Milford, VA  High 77  Low 52

Last Saturday we headed over to Jimmy and Jenetta’s house. Another highly anticipated day because it was see the granddaughters day.

I am amazed at the relationship that this family has. Let me introduce you.

You’ve already met Jenetta. Next is Liz (Jim’s ex-wife, mother of Jimmy), hidden behind the cup is Juliet and, of course, Bella.


This is Jessica (Jimmy’s ex-wife) with Juliet who is 7.


Madison really didn’t want her picture taken. She’s 12 going on 32.


Jimmy with Angel and Juliet.


Jimmy grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone. Jim and Liz got a chance to reminisce and I had a chance to catch up on the girls and how Jessica was coping. It was a fantastic time. 

We had to go back to the campground to take care of the girls. They really do think they need to eat and go out even when we’re busy visiting.

After taking care of them we headed back to Fredericksburg to meet up with Jim’s sister, Nancy, her hubby, Jack, and their daughter Patti. Patti and her Uncle Jim have always been really close.


It was so good to see them again. We are sure hoping to get together again before we leave Virginia. I hinted (very strongly) that Arizona would be a great pace for them to come visit sometime soon.

Jim and Nancy


Then last night we were finally able to connect with my brother, Rob, and my niece, Meredith. Rob works for UPS and with the ten million Iphones that were sold, he had to work Saturday, Sunday, and his day off, Monday. He lives up near Manassa and drove down to meet us in Fredericksburg for a quick bite.

Rob and Me


Meredith is a Sophomore this year and knows what she wants to be when she grows up – an Orthopedic Surgeon. I told Rob not to even think about retiring. He just groaned.


We met up with Rob and Meredith at Friendly’s Ice Cream Parlor. Jim had two wishes (besides seeing family) while here – seafood and a Jim Dandy. This is a Jim Dandy.


And this is Jim with his Jim Dandy. He will be eating a lot of salads and low carbs to make up for it.



We have had an awesome time with family and it sure does make every mile driven to get here worth it. We are going to have more family times when we get down to Roanoke.


  1. Love Friendly's. We eat there a lot when we are on the east coast.

  2. What a special family! We also have good memories of taking our kids to Friendly's for a big treat in Upstate NY.

  3. Having a large family that actually speaks to each is truly a gift:)

  4. Must not let Dave see that Jim Dandy. Here we have a La La Palooza that has 13 scoops of ice cream. When we were dating back when we were teenagers Dave would eat one of those on many a date. They gave you a button if you finished it so he had a collection of buttons.

  5. I, too, am amazed how that family all gets along. Lots of exs in there.

    But, it isn't so much fun and such a blessed event to meet with family. So very happy for you two that you get to travel and see them.

  6. Don't you just love family get-togethers! I had a wonderful time with some of my relatives last weekend, and see you are doing the same.

  7. What? Your brother Rob didn't bring you a free sample iPhone? :cD

  8. You were right when you posted the title "Family Dynamics!" I had to scroll back up a couple of times to make sure who was talking to whom. Glad Jim got his Jim Dandy!

  9. I'm so glad you made the trip to Virginia. So many people say "someday" and they never get there.

  10. It's always wonderful to have family get togethers, especially when you don't see them very often. I love when mixed families are able to get along after a marriage is over, it makes life so much simpler and so much happier for everyone involved. And it makes times like this memorable!


  11. You have family in Roanoke too? Terry has a brother there.

    It's great that the whole family can get together without a lot of out-law squabbles. I'd be there eating the seafood with Jim but am sure Terry would want his own Jim Dandy.

  12. It is good to spend time with family. I am thinking of a visit to the Midwest next year to see family and friends.


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