Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back to our Eastward Journey

Geneseo, IL  High 78  Low 48

We made our way on I-80 to Geneseo yesterday. I-80 is such a “joy” to drive with its bumper to bumper semi’s. We’re staying at the Geneseo Campground which is a wonderful place. Nice level sites on the Hennepin Canal.

The main reason for our stop here was to visit our neighbors from the Santa Fe RV Park in Apache Junction. Peg and John live across the street from us there. John is the 91 year old that goes fishing with Jim. Both Jim and I hope that we are as active as they are when we get to their age.

We celebrated Jim’s birthday today by going to Bishop Hill for lunch with John and Peg. Bishop Hill is called Utopia on the prairie and was founded as a religious community in 1846 by Swedish immigrants seeking religious freedom. We stumbled upon this neat little town in 2009. You can read about our visit here.


P1080938I wanted to go back to the wonderful bakery but we found that most of the town was closed on Monday.

We did visit their wonderful museum and the docent sent us to P. L. Johnson’s for lunch. After eating our lunch I was glad the bakery was closed so we had to go to a different place for lunch.


My grilled chicken/spinach salad was fabulous. Look at all that fruit.


Jim had the Swedish meatballs which were also excellent.


And where else but DQ for dessert. Banana Splits were a big hit.


We have had a wonderful visit with these dear friends and look forward to more good times down in Arizona.


  1. What? No birthday candles on Jim's banana split??? :cO

  2. I LOVE Bishop Hill, great crafty things and I have been to that bakery!! Yum!! Geneseo is where they have all the different pigs in front of businesses, like in front of the bank is a pig covered in pennies, they were cute!!!

  3. Happy birthday, Jim. I also would rather have ice cream than cake but I rarely eat either. Sandie, did you know you can get toppings without the ice cream at DQ? I've done that.

    I looked at my map to see if Geneseo was on a route I'd be likely to take so I could stop for Swedish meatballs. I do like those so I try to time my trips to IKEA to be at mealtimes. :)

  4. Before this trip, I never realized how many little towns where settled by one nationality and still retain their heritage. It's very interesting. Happy birthday, Jim.

  5. I'll add my happy birthday wishes to Jim!

  6. Happy Birthday, JIm. Geneseo ? Where is that?

  7. Happy birthday to Jim. Looks like you found a really good place for a birthday lunch.

  8. Happy Birthday, a bit late to Jim! Of course Jim found ice cream! Did you learn the correct pronunciation of Geneseo?

  9. Happy birthday, Jim. I see Sandie spared no expense with ice cream dessert.

  10. So glad you got to visit your special friends. Happy Birthday to Jim... Looks like you all had a wonderful time --and great dinner.

  11. Happy Birthday, Jim. Glad your trip is going well. It's wonderful when people are healthy and active in their 90s.


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