Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Visit to Nappanee

Bremen, IN  High 64  Low 48

Dreary, just plain dreary. Still raining and when it’s not raining, the clouds are gray and threatening.

A good day to get the laundry and grocery shopping done.

I love going to the grocery store. There is just something about walking into the store and seeing all the beautiful displays of food that just makes me happy to my core.

Martin’s Grocery is a wonderful place. They have a salad bar that offers everything you could want on a salad. That made our decision as to what we were having for lunch that day.

The front end of the huge salad bar.


From there we wandered into the produce department. I love all these colors.


The rest of the store looked just as wonderful.

bakery1We also made a stop at the Rise n Roll Bakery. They offer samples of everything in the store and it was almost impossible to make a decision. It was all great. We ended up with a luscious cinnamon roll and a fabulous apple fritter. We will definitely visit again when we are in the area.

johnsAnother stop on this dreary day was at John’s Butcher Shop in Nappanee. Brought home a couple of T-bones and some cube steaks. A full fridge and freezer makes me very happy.

Nappanee is preparing for an apple festival on the 18th which is home to Indiana’s largest 7 foot baked apple pie. They serve approximately 800 slices of pie. Too bad we’re going to miss it.

To celebrate their apple heritage they have apple halves painted and sitting on the corners throughout downtown. I only got one picture but Jan's blog has some of the cuter ones.

This apple was sitting on the corner near the butcher shop.


I also loved this carving in front of the Post Office. A dark and dreary day does not make for a great picture.

post office

It started raining again so we headed back to the Bungalow and the girls. Wait until I tell you about dinner.


  1. Well I found one thing we do not have in shopping. I despise doing it!

    We were there for the Apple Festival three years ago. Lots of great crafters. Enjoy.

  2. What no Caramel Cinnamon Doughnuts? Everything was good but they were our favorites.

  3. I guess I'll have to eat an extra piece of pie for you.

  4. Not many of those stores in the South Dakota Badlands. What, no ice cream for Jim?

  5. I, too, love grocery stores... would rather go there than a Norstrums or a Neiman Marcus anyday. I don't know which I like more... cooking or eating.... it's a toss up. But going into a new area and wandering through the local grocery is pure heaven! I'm looking forward to see what you fixed for dinner ;-)

  6. I don't mind grocery shopping but I HATE seeing the price of things at the end.

    I like it when towns do different painted things throughout the town, like the swans we saw in Wells, England and colourful bulls in Austin, Texas. The half and apple looks so pretty too!

  7. Wow, that's one nice looking grocery store!

  8. I'd have a hard time sharing that 7 foot apple pie with anyone. How many gallons of ice cream went with it?

  9. Those shops look like cream of the crop stops .... That town has all the good stuff ..... The produce section looked like a mural .....hope to stop there one day ..... Can't wait to check out the menu for tomorrow ... Always love the photo of your puppies welcoming me to your blog ....soooooooo sweeeeet !!!

  10. I always like a new grocery store. There are certain items I have a hard time finding so they are always on my list when I find a new store.

  11. I agree with Linda that I like the new grocery stores but that's about it. I don't like going grocery shopping at all. The outdoor markets are another thing. Those are great places to visit. However, looks like you found a fun one to visit.

  12. Being able to visit a real butcher shop is one of the things I like about the Midwest.

  13. I, too, have always enjoyed grocery shopping.

  14. A full fridge and freezer makes me happy too.

  15. Neat to find new food in different parts of the country.

  16. Hey, we just missed ya. We are in Goshin for a rally and were just at the Rise & Roll Bakery yesterday. We also got some apple fritters (which Steve loved) and a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread.


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