Saturday, September 20, 2014

Meeting Up With Friends and Our Campsite

ilford, VA  High 77  Low 54

Our friends, Eileen and David, drove down from D.C. to have lunch with us in Fredericksburg. Eileen is the very first friend I made when I moved to the D.C. area in 1980. She also works for the IRS and is retiring January 2, 2015. I’m really excited for her.

We also attended Eileen and David’s wedding at Treasure Island in Las Vegas which was so much fun.


Our campground is way out in the boonies and these are the roads we travel when we go to Fredericksburg. We came home at 10:30 last night and it’s really dark out here. We only saw one deer and he wasn’t on the road which made me happy.


This is our campsite. This campground has several permanent folks living here but everything is clean and tidy even if it’s old. And the campground owner really knows about customer service. He’s not a friendly looking person but goes out of his way to make things easy on his residents. We needed some propane and Jim stopped into the office to ask him where we needed to bring the tank. He told him just to put it outside the rig and they would pick it up and fill it and bring it back to us. Now that is service.



  1. I love it that you're linking your blog to Facebook! ... great picture and very nice campground.

  2. Love the little out of the way campgrounds. Not sure we'd be pulling in under the trees tho. Terry would be screaming about his TV antenna.

  3. How nice to keep in touch with a dear friend. Nothing better than family and good friends.

  4. I always appreciate good customer service.

  5. Also not sure about the trees for our satellite dish.

  6. That's a much nicer park than the one we were in. I'll bet Scooter loves it.

  7. Service, Indeed. I've found places that have permanent RVs tend to offer more service than those geared to travelers.


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