Monday, September 8, 2014

One More Billings Wrap Up

I forgot a few pictures that I really want to save.

This is the wooden shed that Michaela painted with it’s new roof. Looks new doesn’t it.


This picture is showing the new roof and skylight on the house. I really like the color of shingles we picked out.


This is the new metal shed going up after we left town.


CarolOur last day in town we took the time to see a couple of dear friends. We went to breakfast with Carol. Her husband, Bill, was Jim’s best fishing buddy and he died a couple of years ago from a heart attack while out hunting with his son.

Then Monday night we met up with Judy and Gary for dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Bob and Jo were also supposed to meet us there but if you check out their blog you’ll find they have had some big problems with their trailer brakes. Sure hope they’ve had some luck getting everything fixed.


And this picture has nothing to do with Billings but I just had to share it. This is my great niece, Tara, her significant other, Eric, and, of course, Emmet. Tara lived with us for a couple of years when she was in grade school and her Mom was overseas in the Army. Definitely a special bond was established.



  1. Hopefully Bob and Jo have that brake problem fixed. We hope to meet up with them in Goodyear, AZ, this winter.

    Emmet is a doll!

  2. Friends and Family---there's just nuttin' better, is there? Since you all travel so much, you seem to be able to see friends/family everywhere you go. That is awesome!!!! Your little great niece is beautiful --and what an adorable baby.


  3. Now I know why you keep going back to Billings, and it's not for the snow... :c)

  4. All nice and neat and good as new! Everything looks great Sandie!

  5. That is one gorgeous shed. Puts our metal one to shame. I'll have to mention to Ron that we need a new one. :-D

  6. Great that everything is repaired and back in shape......your great niece is beautiful ....what a lovely family !!!! So nice to catch up with friends before you head south.... Sure Aunt Happy is missing both of you. Hope she is well and sassy !!!

  7. Sorry we weren't there, repair jobs looks good.


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