Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Almost Heaven West Virginia

Ronceverte, WV  High 72  Low 50

This is what we woke up to this morning.


We had hoped to be on the road by 9:00 but that’s not happening. Now we’re hoping by noon. We have 173 miles to cover today.

The fairgrounds here in Gallipolis is another great place to stop. $20 for full hookups and this time of year there’s almost nobody here.

By 11:30 this was our view out of the door and we are ready to go.


I took this picture of clouds two days ago and forgot to post it. Since I love it so much, here it is.


The leaves aren’t really changing colors yet but I did see this one along our drive through almost heaven West Virginia.


We are at the fairgrounds in Ronceverte tonight.


  1. You are in a pretty park of the state.

  2. Thanks for bringing John Denver to mind. :)

  3. Another coincidence, Steve's family is from Roncerverte! How'd you end up in that tiny town out in the sticks?!

  4. How are you loving those mountain highways? Always kills my fuel mpg, so it's much more like the other place than heaven... ;c)

  5. West Virginia is another place I've always wanted to visit but may never get to. Nice clouds photo.

  6. That section is by far the prettiest. The northern panhandle is very depressing.

  7. We had all of that fog here too this week... In fact, we have been foggy for about 4-5 mornings. They 'say'? that the weather will clear up soon....

    We don't have many fall colors here either--but as you can see in my blog post this week, we did see some color in the Smoky Mountains last week...


  8. Cant believe its almost fall..
    Haven't been to West Virginia yet...did get to a Nascar race in Richmond once though.

  9. Those clouds are beautiful. Great shot. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love the cloud pictures! I love them too, check out the ones on my blog at Dinosaur Nat. Pk. Still in UT & the leaves on the mtns. here are changing & covering them with red. Isn't is great to be on the road & seeing so much pretty country?


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