Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jimmy and Jenetta

Milford, VA  High 78  Low 54

After we explored the battlefield, we were able to meet up with our son Jimmy for lunch. He is working nights so he made a major sacrifice to get out of bed for us.


P1090009We told him to pick a place but absolutely no fast food or chain restaurants. He decided that we should go to historic downtown Fredericksburg and found a restaurant called Foode. This is from their website: We  believe in supporting the local community by highlighting the products grown and harvested right here in this region. We have fantastic, organically- grown vegetables from Washington’s Birthplace, heirloom produce from Spotsylvania County, organic beef, free-range chickens, and hormone free eggs from Gladys, VA. It was excellent and if you find yourself anywhere close, you need to take a break and have some lunch or dinner.

We let Jimmy go back to bed and we headed home to feed the girls but not before we made plans to have dinner at Jimmy’s house the next night.

We are just beyond excited to show up for dinner because we are finally going to get to meet Jimmy’s wife, Jenetta.

Welcome to our family Jenetta and Angel.


Dinner was fantastic but getting to know Jenetta and Angel was priceless. Jenetta’s sister, Betty, joined us and she kept us laughing all evening. We had such a good time.

Angel and I dressed dolls and drew pictures. She’s in first grade this year and full of energy.

Jim had brought some pictures of Jimmy when he was just a kid and everyone had a good time reminiscing.


On Saturday we get to spent time with granddaughters, Madison and Juliet, and their mom, Jessica. Life doesn’t get much better.


  1. Gotta love family get togethers always rewarding.

  2. I know you were so excited about meeting them. Glad you finally had the pleasure.. Now you can relax and enjoy your trip instead of the race to get there.

  3. That Angel sure does look like she's a corker!

  4. Time with family, especially new family, is such a great experience! So glad you had a good time!

  5. I was trying to remember the last time I dressed dolls...must have been about 14 years ago when our oldest granddaughter was the same age as Angel...wonderful memories!
    So glad you and Jim are having fun with family...

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  7. Congratulations on your new family members!

  8. Instant family can be rewarding. Sure you miss cuddling the baby but starting right in playing dolls is not a bad introduction at all. Glad you got to do that.

  9. time. Nothing better in the world. Isn't if such a blessing to see your family growing.

  10. Glad you made it to VA okay and meeting new family for the first time has got to be very special.

  11. You know your son is glad to see you when he skips sleep for you:)

  12. Did you name your son Jimmy because of Jim's years working for GM? ;c)

  13. So glad that you finally got to met Jenetta and Angel! I bet they had lots of fun looking at those old pictures of Jimmy that you brought along with you. Family time is always such a great time.


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