Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fredericksburg Wrap Up

Milford, VA  High 76  Low 52

This post is a grab bag of places and things we saw and things we did that didn’t fit in with other posts.

Jim is a happy man because he has been able to find the best tomatoes he’s had in a really long time. Here he’s at the Farmer’s Market in Bowling Green.

farmers market

I thought this bumper sticker was a good one.


Also saw this bug (dragon fly???)


Across the street from the National Bank Museum is St. George’s Episcopal Church which was built in 1849. The family of George Washington attended services here.


The door was open and in we went. Linda said to me that the only time she goes to church is when she’s with me. She is Jewish but I’m always dragging her into church’s whenever we are together.


After stopping at the Made in Virginia Store for some country ham, we headed back to the campground. Jim grilled pork chops for lunch and I made stuffing and fried apples. Shortly after Linda had to head back to Maryland. We really had a fun time having her with us.

P1090105Sidney sitting on the slave auction block, one of Fredericksburg’s most controversial monuments. Some people claim that slaves were sold from this block and others say that it was used by women to mount their horses. There are those who say it is an important part of history and others who want it removed because it is a reminder of a very tragic and terrible time in US history.

We extended our stay by one day because we had to go to the bank for some paperwork on the hail damage to the house. I also needed to do laundry and we hoped to see Jimmy one more time.

JimmyMissions accomplished. Jimmy was able to come down to the campground on Thursday morning to have some blueberry pancakes with us. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that he and Jenetta can make it out to Arizona for a visit.

Thursday we had a huge travel day of 33 miles. Love those kinds of days.


  1. 33 miles in one day? How can you stand driving such great distances? ;c)

    Fburg is a neat place, so much history to see, touch and feel!

  2. What a great visit you had not only with the history of the area but also with family. I just hope that 33 miles didn't wear you out too much.

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  4. I am a true believer that we keep history alive...painful or not. We should embrace it and learn from it.

  5. The church is beautiful. It is good that Jimmy made it for pancakes. If we were closer, I would have made it too! Love blueberry pancakes.

  6. Hope Jim gets his fill of those good tomatoes as they will be gone soon from around here.

  7. I've really enjoyed your travels through the east, but try to slow down a bit. After all 33 miles in a day, wow.

  8. The Dragon fly is cute, unusual but cute.


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