Monday, September 15, 2014

Newmar Tour

Bremen, IN  High 68  Low 49

Jan and Bill invited us to go along on the Newmar Motorhome tour with them. Jim wanted to stay home and rest but I jumped at the chance to get out of the rig for awhile.

No pictures were allowed on the tour. I was curious to see how these motorhomes are put together because our friend, Paul, is thinking very seriously about getting a Dutch Star.

I was disappointed. Our tour guide was really a flake and kept saying how she wanted to do this part but not this and how this should have been done back there and it didn’t get done. Very disjointed without a lot of detail. However, the finished products sure are pretty. They’ve even put a spoiler on the top of the new Essex.

After the tour I fixed hamburger soup for dinner. Jan had never tried it before and I told her if she didn’t like it, that was fine with me. Just give it back and we’d put it in the freezer. The pan came back empty.

This is our spot at Pla-Mor Campground. Our Bungalow does look dinky doesn’t it?


Heading further east and south. Finally sunshine coming through the clouds.


Stopped in Lima, OH at the Ottawa County Park. This is a really great stopover that Jan told us about.  The view from the front of our site. I would definitely recommend this campground to anyone traveling through this area. No reservations but there were lots of empty sites when we pulled in.


We were lucky enough to find a gas station not far from the campground and filled up with diesel for $3.55 a gallon. Love it.

P1080950Had a good night’s sleep and got ready to head out this morning. The truck tells Jim he needs to check the tire pressure. He pulls out our air compressor and it isn’t working.

P1080951We head on down the road and were lucky enough to find a station with an air hose. $1 for four minutes. Took us $3 to get the tires up to an acceptable level.

After that excitement we had an uneventful drive to Gallipolis, OH fairgrounds.


  1. I guess it's true that nothing is free anymore, even air.

  2. Those factory tours are dangerous. New RVs have a habit of following you home...

  3. No, the Bungalow does not look dinky! Looks like just what it is....a convenient travel trailer to tow across the U.S. and rest in. Love factory tours. The Tiffin tour in Red Bay, Alabama is excellent.

  4. It would be interesting to do a motorhome facility but our timing has never been right. Enjoy your journey.

  5. You still owe me the recipe! Glad you enjoyed the park. There wasn't a blade of grass out of place. I think we stayed in the same site.

  6. We did a tour many years ago of a motorhome factory, just can't remember which one at the moment. It was very interesting and it was only us and another couple and our guide was great.

    Your trailer may have looked small between those other two units but if you are happy in it and it suits your needs then who cares. I know that Sherman looks small compared to many others out there but he will get us into places those guys can't!

  7. When the outside temperatures drop so it does in your tires as well. I must remember to have Dave check my pressures before I head out. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. I've enjoyed catching up with you guys!!! I've been out of commission for most of August with colitis. Really bad stuff!!
    I bet that Essex had a huge price tag...pretty but out of our league!!
    I have never had hamburger soup but it sounds great to me!!! I would love to have the recipe if you should want to share!!!
    Take care!!

  9. You are really making 'tracks' going east... But the neat thing is to be able to stop and see friends along the way. Bet the weather is a lot different there than our west. Our weather here in TN is quite a bit cooler this week. LOVE it.

    Hamburger Soup, huh??? Never had it --but would probably love it if it tastes like a good-ole-burger....


  10. Send us the recipe too. Like those parks.


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