Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Rest of Jim’s Birthday Dinner

Bremen, IN  - still dreary

Can you tell we are in Amish country?


Sharon – sorry but no home cooking for dinner tonight. Nan – Jim got his ice cream with his apple pie.

When we first visited this area of Indiana in 2009, someone recommended the Das Dutchmen Essenhaus in Middlebury. Jim ordered their broasted chicken and I ordered the chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes. Every time we are back in this area we HAVE to make a stop so Jim can have his chicken.

das essenhaus

Jan and Bill were kind enough to drive so we didn’t have to try and clean out the back seat of the truck. Thank you guys so much for driving.

This visit we decided to try the buffet. It offered Jim his chicken along with the noodles and mashed potatoes and a huge salad bar and other stuff (like veggies) and turkey and ribs. Jim was the only one who had room for dessert – apple pie ala mode.

Dinner was fantastic and we will return.


After dinner, Jim and I were talking and decided that we wanted to stay another day. So the next morning he went up and paid for another night. Felt good to sit still for awhile next to good friends.


  1. That chicken and noodles sounds good to me.

  2. We still have another Amish meal planned before we leave the area. I really don't remember those noodles tasting as good as those did. I'm so glad we can buy them in Arizona in Walmart. But mind don't seem to taste the same.

  3. Jim just can't leave that favorite chicken, can he? ;c)

  4. We have never had a bad meal in any Amish restaurant!

  5. Ok, which chicken does he like best.....Pizza Ranch in Sioux Falls or there at the Amish restaurant?

  6. I love it when you all can change your plans at places --so that you can relax with good friends longer... That's what life is all about.... Let's all relax more!!!!

    We have eaten at an Amish Restaurant in Logan, Ohio a few times.. Very nice!!!!


  7. We love the Amish food! It is pretty country there too. My son lived in Ohio a few years ago so we got to visit and have lots of good Amish food.

  8. No better place to eat in Middlebury. Been there a few time to the Jayco plant.

  9. I still don't understand what broasted chicken is, but I've had it and really liked it.

  10. It certainly does look like the Amish country to me too. It's been a long time since we've been there. I'd love to go back.

  11. Oh ... Happy birthday, Jim. Terry's birthday is tomorrow.

  12. Happy Birthday Jim.
    We have a few Amish Restaurants and the home cooked meals and especially the broaster chicken is the best.

  13. Happy Birthday Jim,we wish you everything you wish yourself,do all the things you wanted to do but had no time till now.

  14. Happy Birthday Jim. Always good eats there.


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