Sunday, November 14, 2010


IMG_7840 We were in Albuquerque, NM for a couple of days to visit with the kids and I had planned on doing some sight seeing.

IMG_7847 We stayed at the Enchanted Trails RV Park just west of town. I really like this park. It’s very unique because the office was originally a trading post. Right on Rte 66 and they have these wonderful old cars and trailers parked as you pull into the park. This will be the place we stay when we come back when it’s warmer.

IMG_7850 Took the kids to dinner and had a fun visit with them. Got home and turned on my computer. I have no idea what I did or what I clicked on that I shouldn’t have, but all of a sudden my security popped up to tell me I had six viruses – two critical. My security system could stop the viruses but it couldn’t get rid of them. So the next day we contacted Geeks Mobile and they spent about five hours trying to fix it remotely. They were able to get rid of five of the viruses but not the sixth one. Decided the only thing they could do was send out a technician the next day.

He got there about 9:45 and left about 12:30. What a mess. I was so frustrated and angry with myself. But he was able to fix it and also cleaned up my computer to make it run more efficiently. Did a really great job. One of those young computer whiz types.

IMG_7839But because of this fiasco, we didn’t get to do much sight seeing. Took the kids out to dinner again and then left the next morning for Roswell.

(Love these New Mexico over passes.)


  1. The NM overpasses and bridges with the paintings, and Albuquerque from I-40, and just about every part of New Mexico!

  2. Just doing your computer's Spring cleaning a little late this year. Nice to have it be more efficient, though. It appears I need to do something like that but, hopefully, it won't be because of a virus!

  3. Love those computers...can't live without them and some days you sure can't live with them! We had the same thing happen last year when we met up with Bill and Jan in Va. They got to go sight seeing and we got to see the computer store!
    safe travels.

  4. Time for a Mac!

    (Yes, I'm an evangelist.)

  5. Glad you got the computer cleaned up and running faster. It is bummer when they don't run correctly and a virus can do BIG time harm! Relax and enjoy.

  6. So sorry to hear of the computer troubles. I bought a new laptop last week when I got to the point I couldn't get any Internet connection. Amazing how they've become such integral parts of our lives.

  7. Glad to read that you liked Enchanted Trails. We stayed at two others before and liked both of them too.

    Do you worry about letting strangers have access to your computer, online or in person? I worry that they can get my user ID's and passwords while they are on my computer. A good IT person could sure steal a lot of info. Oh well, I even worry about the servers in restaurants who might steal my credit card info.

  8. Hi Jim Sandy where are you
    Glen and lala Jones

  9. Dick - we're in the Escapees Park in Benson, AZ right now. Hope you see this post. Not sure how else to get hold of you.


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