Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Tucson, AZ - With all of our traveling this year, we have eaten at many restaurants; some chains some local; some good some bad. But I missed Panda Express. This ranks as one of my very favorite places so for our first meal with Jeri and Terry, off we went to Panda Express. Yippee!!!

ribsteak_thumb[3] On Sunday we decided we would barbeque steaks and invite our friend Paul to join us for dinner. Jeri and I went to Costco and got the best steaks ever. Of course, we had to munch our way through the store along with about a million other people. But those steaks were so worth it.

Terry got the grill going and Jeri taught us a new way to fix the steaks. You pour melted butter over them before you put them on the grill and they brown up beautifully. The meat was cooked to perfection. We had potato salad and green beans to go with it.

eatingdinner_thumb[3] The company was fabulous but the wind decided to blow and it was getting cold so we had to go inside to visit some more. Great to see Paul again. He went to Alaska this summer and has great stories to tell.

I didn’t have the camera out so I’ve taken a couple of pictures from Jeri’s blog to use in mine.

salad On Monday night I picked the restaurant for us to try and I picked a winner. It was Choice Greens. It’s a salad restaurant. When you go in, you pick up an order form and a pencil; fill out everything you want in your salad; and they fix it and chop it up for you. It was fantastic. The only problem was the salads are huge. Way too much for one person to eat. We got to take salad home and that’s what we had for lunch the next day. Now I’ve got to find out if they have one of these up near Apache Junction. No such luck. I just checked their web site and their only locations are in Tucson. So I will continue my hunt for a good salad near AJ.


  1. The wind finally stopped blowing today so it was beautiful in Tucson. However, tonight the chill will return. Come on back!

  2. Ah the food...most definetly one of the high points of this life. So much fun finding the new places.

  3. OK. Added Choice Greens to my list. Even Dave will make a meal of a salad if it has what he wants on it.

  4. I have craved salads ever since I left Sacramento, so yesterday I bought lettuce, tomato, croutons, and salad dressing, which I had this evening. Mmmmmm good. I need a few more things to go into the next one, but I'm getting there.


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