Saturday, November 6, 2010


IMG_7660 We are currently parked at the Fire Lake Casino in Shawnee, OK. Got to know Steve44 on the Escapees forum and when he found out we were coming to Oklahoma City, he suggested we stay here. They have 20 RV sites with 50 amp electric and water with a dump station and the price is FREE! Thank you Steve.

IMG_7658 After we got parked, we called Steve and he and Carol stopped by and took us out to dinner. Great Italian restaurant. This is Carol’s pizza. I don’t like pizza but this one sure looks pretty.

Steve and Carol have suffered several set backs in their quest to become full timers and yet, what amazes me, is they have kept their sense of humor and haven’t lost sight of their full time goal.

They also took time out of their busy schedule to play tour guide for us. They took us to the bombing memorial, showed us their city, the boat houses that are being built for all the rowing crews (their daughter is a coach of a woman’s team), great places to eat, and the Cowboy Museum.

Just as a side note – Oklahoma City’s downtown has almost no traffic. Jim and I were amazed that a city this large had such little traffic. Even Billings, MT has more traffic during the day than we saw here. I still can’t get over that.


  1. Aww you are 10minutes from my daughters house.I love Shawnee..that is where we shop and hangout.

    Cindy and Walker

  2. Yum! Savannah is like that, no traffic.

  3. Have to agree that Steve and Carol are sure nice folks. Wish they could get that house sold and on the road again!

  4. When we were there Steve and Carol took us to a restaurant where some of Carol's photography hangs on the wall. I didn't know parts of cars could be so beautiful! Carol is very talented.


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