Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Arcadia, OK - Meet POPS -- the newest, coolest landmark along Historic Route 66! It starts with a 66-foot soda pop bottle with a gas station, restaurant, shake shop, gift shop, convenience store and event venue.

IMG_7751 The owner built "Bubbles," the world's largest soda bottle, which stands 66 feet tall if you count the straw sticking out of its neck. Inside the convenience store are nearly 600 ice cold sodas. Like root beer? POPS has over 60 varieties. Or cream soda? Over 40 flavors.

IMG_7745 He also filled the windows of the mini-mart with thousands of soda bottles, representing hundreds of different brands. They are glued down to prevent accidents, which is definitely a good idea.

IMG_7749 Jim had to stock up while we were there. He bought a six pack which cost us about $12 but it’s so much fun to have these really different flavors. His are all diet types. I don’t drink soda (except once in a great while) but I’ve had a sip of each one that he’s opened. Still don’t like soda but he’s enjoying himself. Cheers!


  1. 60 flavors of Root Beet? I'd be in heaven and spend way to much money to tase every last one of them!!

  2. OMG - what fun! I would have spent too much money there. What a neat idea they had to make that neat place. I love root beer and cream soda and Crush orange. My aunt used to make homemade root beer for our family reunions.

  3. that is so funny the pop bottle.

    love,katie bug


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