Friday, November 19, 2010


IMG_7866 We met Mike and Sandy last year at Elephant Butte, NM when they parked their rig next to ours. They live in Roswell and we knew we had to stop and say hi to them on our way to AZ.

We didn’t realize that it was Sandy’s birthday and her sister and husband had driven down from Kansas City to surprise her. So we got four wonderful friends instead of two.

IMG_7867Mike and Sandy invited us over for dinner. Notice, Jim and I are no where in these pictures helping do anything. Talk about being spoiled. Dinner was fabulous and the company was even better.

After dinner we went to a play at the Roswell Community Theater called Birds of a Feather. It was so much fun and we laughed so hard.

Sure am glad we decided to come through Roswell.


  1. did you see any aliens or spaceships?

  2. We'll be coming through Roswell in a few weeks...anything special we should see? Where did you stay? Travel safely!

  3. And, we get you when you're all tuckered out!


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