Sunday, November 7, 2010


IMG_7736 Chandler, OK – Jim and I drove up to Chandler to go through their Route 66 museum which is mostly an video show of sights that used to exist on Route 66. The museum is in the old armory and they also have a Hall of Fame for their veterans.

IMG_7735 Phillips 66 gasoline began in 1917 as Phillips Petroleum Co. In 1927, the company’s gasoline was being tested on US Highway 66 in Oklahoma and when it turned out that the car was going 66 mph, the company decided to name the new fuel Phillips 66.

OKChandlerPhillips66 This building in Chandler was a cottage style “B” type Phillips 66 station built in the late 1920’s.

IMG_7741 In the spring of 1898 William Harrison Odor, members of his family and his neighbors starting building a unique structure in the green countryside of Oklahoma. Little did they know at the time that the barn they were building would become a landmark on one of the most celebrated highways in America.

IMG_7738This was the beginning of what would become know as Arcadia’s Round Barn. When the barn was new the lower level was used to shelter cattle, mules and hay. The upper level or loft was used for barn dances and other social gatherings.


  1. We were on the other end of Route 66 on Sunday! Couldn't you feel the road rumble?

  2. I have pictures of that gas station! We visited lots of Route 66 museums. My favorite was where you sat in the back seat of a car and watched the video on a drive-in movie screen. We went to lots of drive-ins but I don't remember ever watching from the back seat once I was too old to go in my pajamas with Dad driving. :)

  3. I'm a little behind on blog reading. You're in the same area we were in about 6 years ago. We stopped at that red barn too. I love being around Route 66 stuff.


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