Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am really behind on posting. We are now in Apache Junction, AZ but I need to make all my posts on our trip from Capitan, NM to Apache Junction. So hopefully I’ll be caught up in the next couple of days.

IMG_7930 Capitan, NM – We ate dinner at this restaurant and it was surprisingly good. We were the only customers and were delightfully entertained by our waitress who is also the owner of the place.

She was telling us about going to a garage sale and a large poodle mix decided he wanted to go home with her. The dog’s owner told her to take him home for the night to see if he would fit in with her other three dogs. So she did, but it was a disaster. Her older dogs were not happy with this intruder and she was up most of the night separating them. So she got up the next morning to take the dog back and discovered that the owner had packed up and left town. So she was stuck with the dog.

IMG_7929To top it all off, he was not fixed and neither was her female Chihuahua. Bet you can’t guess what happened. So she was worried about big puppies but couldn’t afford a c-section. So she read on line about shaking the puppies out when the dad was much larger than the mom. We laughed until our sides hurt listening to her stories.


  1. What? Was this a legend? Was this past or present tense? Who would actually "shake" out the puppies. Yuck!

  2. I almost took you to task for not telling us the name of this restaurant. Fortunatley, I realized in time that it's in the title! :)

  3. This place has got to be on my must see list! thanks


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