Saturday, November 27, 2010


IMG_7949 We spent two nights in the Escapees Park in Benson, AZ. They gave us a wonderfully huge site and it felt really good to just relax.

Dave and Millie the Mooch were also at the park so we were able to spend some wonderful time with him. Went out to dinner twice and I forgot to take any pictures both times. That’s what happens when you meet up with old friends and you get so busy catching up.

Dave, be prepared to get your picture taken when we all get to Yuma in January.

IMG_7950 Jim and I also ran down to Bisbee to have lunch at the Copper Queen Hotel. Bisbee is an old mining town which was once the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco. It is only about 8 miles from the Mexico border but there are not any problems.

IMG_7953 Bisbee is now a great little town full of artists, weavers, and other artisans. Had a wonderful lunch and then drove back to Benson to have dinner with Dave.


  1. Paul and I love Bisbee! We spent over half a day just walking around. They are doing such wonderful things there. We really enjoyed the place you ate at also. Relax and enjoy your time in Benson.

  2. We also loved Bisbee. We also took the tour of the copper mine. Very interesting.

  3. Hi..We hope to spend some time in Benson (hope we can get into the Escapee park) and Bisbee is high on my list to visit. My dad volunteered there in the mining museum several years ago, but we've never been there.

  4. Great post! I like the fact that it was about you too! We have yet to visit but we will .. eventually.


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