Monday, January 25, 2010


Headed out of Q towards California this morning. However, we have one last memory of our boondocking days. This was the dump line this morning as we pulled out. Sure am glad it was them and not us.

Look at the snow on top of these mountains. Remnants of the terrible storm that passed through last week. We drove through the desert towards these mountains (sure wish I knew which mountains they were) and had planned on driving through Box Canyon. Jeri & Terry were ahead of us and called to let us know that Box Canyon was closed because of the storm last week. So we had to take the long way around to the Salton Sea. Lots of orange trees. I'm hoping we can find some fresh produce for sale somewhere around the area.

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  1. Beautiful snow covered mountains. I've enjoyed tagging along on your Quartzite adventures via your posts. That sure was a long dump line. Can't wait to see where you are going next.


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