Thursday, January 21, 2010


We were so lucky to have some of the Class of 2008 join us for our graduation. Their knowledge and prior Q experience took us to some really interesting places - such as the bookstore and the Magic Circle.

So here they are. In this picture are Jeri, Terry and Linda Sand. Jeri and Terry we met in Mexico Beach, FL. The beautiful dobie is Duchess. She posts as Wanderin on the forum and writes a great blog. (More about Linda later.)

Next we have Linda and Ed. We've really had a great time with them and really look forward to spending more time with them in the future. We're going to meet up with Jeri & Terry and Linda & Ed the first of March and go to Death Valley. Should be beautiful this time of year.

This is Lee (IYQ on the forum) who was our fireman. We turned the job of building our campfires over to him and he certainly made sure I had a fire to roast my marshmallows over. He's an amazing man and I look forward to seeing him on the road again.

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