Thursday, January 28, 2010


We have moved to the Fantasy Springs Casino parking lot for a couple of nights of boondocking. I think I'm ready to survive boondocking once again. But definitely not for 3 weeks again. At least not yet.

Saw this car in front of the casino and I just had to have a picture of it. WOW.

Jim found the ice cream fountain.
Jeri & Terry had the lunch buffet at the casino and said it was excellent. We just may have to try it tomorrow. We went to Panda Express for dinner tonight. That is my favorite fast food place ever.
I had a great day - won another $150. Now if I can just stay out of the casino and hang onto the money. Yea, right!

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  1. Wow, you are on a roll of winning money! But, I agree, I think I'd put it in my pocket and quit while ahead.


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