Wednesday, January 13, 2010


On Tuesday we made plans to go to Mr. Lemonade's for lunch. I had thought that maybe most of the group would be going but only eight of us showed up. However, we had a great lunch. You certainly get a lot of food when you order and then the owner brought out onion rings, cheese curds, and a huge amount of twisted fries with chili and cheese on them. If you click on the picture to make it larger, the owner is the one with the cheese head or hat or whatever it is on.

Then last evening we had another campfire and Toni took charge. Had a wonderful round of truth or lie which was really a lot of fun. Got to learn lots of interesting things about our classmates. One of them even got arrested for protesting (that would be Joyce). It was really fun.
We started on the scavenger hunt items but it got so dark that we had to give it up. I need to make a list of the campgrounds that people didn't like and those that they did. It was too dark for me to take notes so I'll have to see if they'll give me the info during the light of day.
Tomorrow is Karla's birthday. Should be a fun day.

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