Thursday, January 14, 2010


We celebrated Karla's birthday by going to the Grubstake Restaurant here in Q for dinner. As you can see we had a great turnout. Lots of laughs, lots of food, and the food was good.

Everything went really great until we all wanted our tabs. I asked the waitress to bring them and she said she would as soon as she could. The restaurant was swamped with people. And not enough help. The waitress was really being run ragged.

I waited and waited and waited and no tab. So I asked again. And waited again. The next time I told her that she needed to stop waiting on other people, get us our tabs and get us out of there so more people (who were standing in line to get in) could sit down. Then she started using a back way to wait on the people out in the back tent. Now I'm really starting to get upset. I can only be patient just so long.

We all stood up and went up to the cash register area to pay and the guy there said he couldn't help us without out bills. This is getting really ridiculous. We were blocking the way into the kitchen at this point. Not a whole lot of room to begin with. The owner then came charging out of the kitchen being a real horse's butt. That's when my years of training with the IRS came to my aid. The man was definitely bigger than me but I put my finger in his chest and told him to shut up and listen. Then I told him all we wanted were our bills and we would get out of his place of business and he could get on with making money.

I guess the lesson in all this - no big groups because they can't handle it. We'll have to split up into smaller groups for going out and save the big groups for the potlucks at the campfire.

When we got back to the campsite Lee built a fire and some of the brave souls stayed out long enough to have some cake. The reason I say brave souls is because by the time we got back to the campsite the wind was really starting to blow. Everybody packed up loose stuff and put it away. Jim and I didn't hang outside for too long. I can't take the cold and the wind. Had our cake and came inside.

Jim and I had a little excitement ourselves. A flat tire on the toad. Jim pumped it up and took it into town to have it fix. Sure enough there was a piece of metal in the tire. But we're good to go now.

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