Saturday, January 23, 2010


I didn't have my camera last night so I "borrowed" Jeri's picture of Paul creating his masterpiece last night.
When Jim and I drove in after being in town they already had the campfire going and it was such a fabulous sight. With all the lousy weather we haven't had a chance to have a campfire for several days. Having the fire going just lifted up my whole mood and being able to visit with everybody again was like being home.
We'll have another campfire tonight and hopefully after all the grief we gave Paul last night he'll be willing to start it going for us again. We kept telling him that IYQ didn't do it that way, or IYQ didn't make sparks, or IYQ's fire didn't lean. But Paul is such a good sport. He told us we could make our own fire if we didn't shut up.
Today the sun has been shining and only a light wind. A little cool at times and as the sun goes down it definitely gets chillier. But after what we've had the last couple of days this is a beautiful, beautiful day. And tomorrow is even better. YEA!!!

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