Monday, June 15, 2009


Kyp & Deb and Eric & Karla had to be towed out of the mud. They both have motorhomes and the motorhomes seemed to have a lot harder time getting out of the mud than the fivers. Jan & Bill, Loralie & Lee and Jim and I drove out without any problems at all. But I am glad we waited until Saturday because it really did dry out a lot on Friday. The sun was shining and a slight wind helped to dry things up a lot.

We got up early to make sure people didn't need help so we were able to leave Sedalia before 9:00 a.m. Therefore, by the time Jim got to where I thought we'd stop the first night, he was still feeling good and wanted to keep moving. We stopped in Nebraska City, NE for the night. Got on the road early, drove about 235 miles and camped in Tea, SD. That's just a couple of miles south of Sioux Falls. Supposed to be quite a storm come through tonight so we wanted to get to a camp site and set up before that happened. Who knows where we'll end up tomorrow night - I think Fargo but not sure.
The girls are really good travelers. But as soon as the truck stops - they want OUT right now! (Skittlez harness was rubbing her chest so we put a pad on her harness which is that black funny looking thing.)

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