Monday, June 22, 2009


Meet Dave & Marge Jones. I guess I need to explain that we belong to a fulltiming RV group called Escapees. We have a discussion forum where we get to meet and chat with other people who love to live in their RV full time. Since Jim and I started full timing in January of 2009 we are part of the Graduating Class of 2009. The great thing is when you finally get to meet them in person.

Dave & Marge were passing through Billings and we met for lunch at Cracker Barrell. I also invited the guy in the suit and his wife - Gary & Judy Beiswanger. We also met them through the Escapees forum and I posted earlier about spending four hours eating dinner with them the first time we met. They live here in Billings and have yet to retire. I am working on them though. They need to be a part of the Class of 2009. Judy & Gary - are you reading this?

We had such a great visit. So hard to let the travelers get back on the road. Hopefully we can all meet up again when we can stay put for a few days and really get a chance to visit.
This couple was sitting outside of the restaurant on the grass and of course, we had to stop and visit with them also. They're not sure they're ready to leave their home and hit the road yet.

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