Monday, June 22, 2009


Our son Todd was a bridesman for one of his best friends, Jen Iszler. Definitely not traditional but a lot of fun. Isn't Jen's dress just gorgeous? She's such a cutie anyhow and made a beautiful bride. But it was a little strange seeing Todd up there with all the bridesmaids. And he told me the photographer had a little trouble figuring out how to pose him for the pictures. Especially when all the bridesmaids were leaning in to kiss the groom, Shane.

These are Todd's "dates" for the wedding. The real date is Michaela. The other "date" is the guy he walked up the aisle with for the wedding. They behaved themselves going down the aisle into the church. But temptation was too strong. After the ceremony they were the last ones to leave the altar and just had to link arms to walk up the aisle. Everybody cracked up. It was great fun.

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