Monday, June 22, 2009


Most of our high school graduating class turns 60 this year so we decided to have a mini class reunion to celebrate turning 60.
These are just a few of the photos from the party. We had a fantastic time. But I'm not too sure about some of my classmates and I think senility might be creeping upon us. I, of course, behaved myself but - some of my classmates were sure that you could pop popcorn using your cell phones. Just picture it - a bunch of 60 year olds, sitting around a table, figuring out how to make all the cell phones ring at the same time, and then actually counting down to the push send. Gee whiz - it didn't work.

We also did a Garage Sale Scavenger Hunt. That was too much fun. You just can't believe how people will try to help you out when you explain you're on a scavenger hunt and show them your list. However, they may have been so helpful since they were really apprehensive of all these "seniors" running up to them yelling "The Eagle Has Landed." (There was a $50 cash prize involved.) They probably just wanted to get rid of us.

Eagle tattoos were also big business.

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