Sunday, June 14, 2009


This morning we went over and wandered around the venders area and the hospitality building and tried to learn our way around a little bit. We volunteered to drive shuttles from 4 to 7 today and that was fun. In fact we ended up driving until 10:00 because they are short on drivers.

They let us have time off to go to the entertainment and that was really really good. Three guys called New Odyssey. Between the three of them they play 30 different instruments and play them very well. Driving people home after the concert everybody was really pleased with the group. One lady said she figured she would really be bored so she brought a cross word puzzle book and ended up not using it at all.

Driving the shuttle can really be exciting. After the concert I had a full car so I came back to the campground to drop them off. I was down to one lady and she could not remember where she lived. I felt so bad for her. So we were driving up and down the aisles looking for her home and she kept saying - I think that's my dog that's barking. But did I leave him outside or inside. No I tied him outside so that must be him barking. We finally asked somebody their site number and she thought she lived close to that site so she got out of the car. I have no idea if she ever got home or not.

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