Sunday, September 9, 2018

Woody and Adventureland

Altoona, IA   High 68  Low 54

Adventureland RV Park is a difficult place to find and then once you find it, finding your site is a challenge.

There is no sign saying turn here or campground on the main road. Down a side road there’s a gate with a small sign on it but if the gate is open you can’t see the sign. Got checked in and then we had to find our site. It was a site in a circle off a one way road. We were in site F6. Big problem-the signs showing the letter are facing the wrong direction so you could only see them if you’re going the wrong way on the one way road. We finally saw a G which meant we had missed F. Jim backed us up and a couple of campers came to our rescue and we entered the exit.

(we were in one of these circles)


Got ready to back into our site and it was a lake because they have had so much rain. One of our rescuers works at Adventureland so she went up to the office for us and arranged for us to park in F4.

We picked up Woody and he suggested that we go to the grocery store for dinner. I thought that was a little strange but a new adventure is always good. The store is a Hy Vee and it has a Market Grille. From 4 to 6 every day, they offer half price appetizers.  Both Woody and I had chicken wings and Jim had a quesadilla.


The food was really good. We also did some grocery shopping. Can’t ask for more than that.


It’s because of Tina and Woody that Jim and I became full timers. Tina came into the IRS office for some help and I was lucky enough to wait on her. She mentioned they lived in their fifth wheel and two hours later I finally let her go. Woody was waiting in the truck the whole time. The last time we came through, Woody had to work (he works at Adventureland) so we went to dinner with Tina. This time Tina was in Florida for the life celebration of a good friend.

One of these times we’ll figure out how to get the four of us together at the same time and place.


  1. What an adventure. at least it ended well with a nice meal and good friend who lent a helping hand

  2. What fun to have an appetizer dinner inside a grocery store. I could do that. If our stores had seating for eating.

  3. Nice that you finally got settled in on a site with the help of fellow campers.
    Dinner in a grocery store is a fun experience especially if the food is good.

  4. I've had plenty of dinners at grocery stores, hitting all the sample stands. ;c)

  5. Have been to some campgrounds that are hard to find, I prefer ones with better directions:))

  6. I didn't know you came through! Hub and I are working at Adventureland and both of us know Woody.
    You probably saw our rig as you pulled out. We are the Airstream with the Freightliner mid duty truck.


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