Tuesday, September 25, 2018

We Love Dives

One of the fun things we like to do while on the road is fine the local restaurants to try. While we were in Ohio we found a couple of places to check out.

Hometown Hot Dogs – Millersport, OH


Jim had a regular hot dog and a chili dog. I had a fresh meat burger and fries. Really good.


They had great signs and odd little whatevers in this restaurant.



For breakfast the next morning we went to Deb’s Corner Cafe in Lancaster, OH. The food was good but nothing to make us want to go back again.


After filling our stomachs we went out exploring. Found the Flight Of The Hawk sculpture alongside the road.


This red-tailed hawk weighs 2500 pounds, has a 14-foot wingspan and is composed of 3000 torch-cut pieces.

Just another one of those roadside attractions we love to find.

While in Lancaster, OH we stayed at Lancaster Campground. It is located in a huge church owned encampment. They offer a Passport America rate from Sunday through Thursday.


I forgot to take a picture of our site with our Bungalow in it, but this was a really nice, level site. The only issue is the speed bumps that you have to drive over to get to the campground. They really mean business with those bumps.


This is the only tree that we’ve seen that had any color to it's leaves.



  1. We love dives too .. but, you already knew that. Trying different places to eat is at the top of our list. It's fun and you have to eat anyway so why not enjoy it. I keep Yelp busy with all my reviews too! Enjoy.

  2. We get to do that even though we are stationary.

  3. The sculpture is fabulous and all those little place you find to eat must be fun.

  4. Love the local dives, when we want to grab a bite somewhere, always an interesting adventure.

  5. We stayed at that church camp. Wasn't it amazing all the little "cabins". We ended up staying a couple of days extra. It is was a long time ago as we had the Cardinal.

  6. I haven't been in a dive for so long I can't remember the last time.

  7. I'd be stopping at those Dives too. I think it is the Route 66 mentality that I grew up with.


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