Monday, September 10, 2018

I-80 and Peg

Geneseo, IL  High 70  Low 55

20180908_110012I would like to offer a word of advice to anyone thinking about driving I-80 through Iowa on a special Saturday in September. Don’t do it! I definitely didn’t do my research. We left Altoona and went across I-80 to Geneseo, IL. Little did we know that it was Iowa vs Iowa State Football in Iowa City. The traffic was never ending. I think this was the only time that we had any room in front of us.

We also had a strong headwind which reduced our fuel mileage to almost nothing per mile.

The campground website in Geneseo, IL warns you not to use your GPS to find them because it will try and take you under a 10’ underpass. However they have wonderful blue camping signs for you to follow. We were doing great following the signs until all the roads were blocked off for a car show. We had to call the the campground and get alternative directions in order to get there. But we finally arrived in time to do some laundry.

Luci and Loree – I hate to tell you this, but most of the pigs are gone. I didn’t find out what has happened to them. But this is the only one I saw. It’s a terrible picture cause I took it through the windshield at the last moment.


20180909_083922Peg picked us up Sunday morning for breakfast. Peg and John were our neighbors in Apache Junction. For those of you who have followed my blog for years, John was 90 and used to go fishing with Jim. One time when they were out they almost sunk the boat. It’s funny now but it wasn’t then. We had a wonderful visit. She hasn’t changed a bit and we laughed all the way through breakfast.

Being able to travel across the country and connect with friends and family is by far one of the best perks of RV travel.


  1. Take your time coming back the heat is awful still we will be looking at 102 - 105 for the next week or more.

  2. You don't want to drive I-94 through here when the Vikings are playing the Packers, either.

  3. Too bad about the traffic tie up but you eventually made it there. Glad you are able to reconnect with a friend along the way. Like you said one if the perks of travelling in your rv.

  4. Why was it so busy? That is crazy.
    What fun reconnecting with Peg.

  5. Ugh, headwinds! The bane of my RV traveling. I swear the oil companies must have something to do with them. :c)

  6. You had no way of knowing about the traffic but it all ended well, fortunately. Lovely for you to see your friend again.

  7. So glad to see you heading east. I'm sure you are aware of the hurricane. If it stalls and dumps as much water as they say it might, you may have some detours ahead of you. Keep me posted about days in GA. Right now i have you at the speedway on 10/26. Can't wait to see you. I'll see if Michael will be around to take Bogey so your little ones are comfortable.

  8. Hate those 10' bridges and not so fond of Saturday events either.

  9. Well, geez, sorry about the lack of PIGS!!! But you at least saw one and know i am not crazy!!! :)


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