Friday, September 7, 2018


Missouri Valley, IA  High 77  Low 59

I caught a cold somehow and haven’t felt like doing any sightseeing. So we’ve just been driving. We spent a night in Wall, SD, the next night in Mitchell, SD and tonight we’re in Missouri Valley, IA. Haven’t even unhitched the truck.

Campgrounds in Wall and Mitchell were just fine but nothing to write home about. We’re in a city park here in Missouri Valley. $15 for w/e. The place is packed because they have an Airstream Rally taking place. We were lucky enough to find a spot for the night. But if you want to stay here I sure hope you like the sound of trains. As you can see we are only a few feet away from very very busy tracks.

These pictures were taken from our steps.



I did have Jim make one stop for me. I had read about Dignity and wanted to see her. She is located at a rest area near Chamberlain, SD. She is amazing.

20180905_123800She is stainless steel and 50 feet tall. Sculpted by Dale Lamphere to honor the cultures of the Lakota and Dakota people. He used three Native American models ages 14, 29 and 55 to perfect the face of Dignity.

She wears a dress patterned after a two-hide Native dress of the 1850s and holds a quilt featuring 128 stainless steel blue diamond shapes designed to flutter in the wind.


This is the view of the Missouri River from her hillside.


We also saw this cute little fellow.


Wayne Porter’s massive bull head sculpture. I guess there’s a whole bunch of sculptures there but we didn’t take the time to stop and see them.


Tomorrow night we’ll be in Altoona, IA having dinner with our good friend Woody. Then it’s on to Geneseo, IL to have breakfast with our dear friend Peg. Moving right along.


  1. I'm a train fan and enjoy seeing then but not so much in the middle of the night. Dignity is very impressive and I'm glad your shot included a person to show her size.

  2. Trains, no way! We learned our lesson once. Loved the statue. I think we have driven that route but missed the statue.

  3. What a wonderful tribute, love the statue. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. It seems a requirement for many RV parks is that there be a train track nearby. Love the "Dignity". Take care and smell the roses along the way.

  5. What a beautiful sculpture of Dignity. Feel better soon please.

  6. If they are in the distance, those freight trains kind of lull you to sleep.

  7. It seems like an RV park will always provide a train, or an airport, or traffic or sometimes, all three! That is a lovely statue, thanks for stopping and showing us. Hope you feel much better soon.

  8. What a gorgeous statue. I also caught a horrible cold somewhere today is day 6 and starting to feel better but the coughing is tough. At least I am home and not on the move, feel better Sandie.

  9. It seems that RV parks and railroard lines have some sort of magic connection:) Since you mentioned it, the last time we were in Wall and Mitchell it was less than thrilling. I chalked it up to being there too many times, maybe there is more to it that that:)

  10. It's not a proper campground unless there is a train track nearby... :c)

  11. I've been to Geneseo!! businesses have decorated pigs in front. Interesting to see the different ones, like the bank has pennies all over it.. it was fun!!! all the different ideas....


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