Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Quick Post

Lancaster, OH – Highs in the 80’s and Muggy  Lows in the upper 60s.

We have been on the go for the last three days and I am so far behind on blogging because of that. And there isn’t going to be much of a slow down for at least another week.

So I’m just going to post where we will be and when. When I do have time to make a blog post it will be of things we have seen along the way.

I’ve been reading blogs but not commenting very often. There isn’t enough time in the day.

Tonight we will be in Washington, PA. We will be in Martinsburg, WV for three nights from Thursday to Sunday. We checked with the campground and they have dried out enough that we should be able to park without problems. They did have to call people and cancel their reservations for last week-end and Monday and Tuesday because of Florence.

Sunday we will arrive in Fredericksburg, VA for a week to see family.

Good times ahead.


  1. Nice that you took time for an update, travel safe and enjoy the fun places you visit.

  2. Glad things are drying out and that you as well as your family are Safe.

    It's about time.

  3. It can be hard to keep on top of things when traveling. I've been there. It's even harder to do when not traveling. :cO

  4. No worries about us. Just enjoy the trip and continued safe travels.

  5. Oh I LOVE Fredericksburg and hope you have a great visit and take lots of photos. Be cautious though, of the weather forecasts.

  6. We hope to see east coast someday. Your trip sounds excellent.

  7. Good to hear things are drying out for those poor people . Safe travels

  8. Slow down and smell the roses, or the lilacs or whatever is blooming where you're at. Enjoy the ride.


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