Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mercer County Fairgrounds and a Tour of Celina

Celina, OH   High 82  Low 66  Humidity 99% and I hate it.

I was excited to find out we could camp at Mercer County Fairgrounds because my maiden name is Mercer. I don’t really think it was any relation of mine who named the place but it’s still fun to keep it in the family.

There is only one other RV here and it’s nice to have the place pretty much to ourselves. But tonight they are holding motorcycle races so it might get a little louder. In fact, it was very loud until after midnight.


We have fog every morning.

(It was really overcast so some of my pictures are dreary looking.)


Celina, OH is a town of around 11,000 people on the banks of Grand Lake St. Mary’s.

The lake is manmade and is only 5 to 7 feet deep. It is the largest inland lake in Ohio. They call it Ohio’s “other” great lake. It even has it’s own lighthouse.




I have no idea what kind of bird this is.


Downtown Celina.




City Hall


This house belonged to Senator Thomas J. Godfrey who served the Ohio State Senate for 30 years.


Immaculate Conception Catholic Church I’m sure the inside is beautiful but we didn’t get a chance to go in.


Celina is a really nice small town. When I told Jim what kind of fish he could catch in the lake he said he could probably live here. Not happening.


  1. Nick & Terry Russell used to host Gypsy Journal gatherings at that fairground. We attended a couple. I agree that it is a nice place.

  2. Try to lay claim to that RV park and see what they say. Probably will disown the family name.

  3. It is a heron, but I don't know which type.

  4. I love little cities like that. I lived in a pretty southern city one time for quite a while. I still think of it as that quaint little town but it's not so pretty anymore it's grown Big Lots of strip centers and traffic and all the things that kept it so cute and quaint.

  5. The Senator had a nice little place there. I love little towns and the feel of home. Great buildings. But it's a no for Jim poor guy

  6. Hahaha...Jim could live there. What’s wrong with Ohio? Summers are great.

  7. That is a wonderful area we enjoy every spring on our way home, enjoy your time there.


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