Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Bad God’s Tower

Alzada, MT  High 89  Low 52

We are about 40 miles from Devil’s Tower, so yesterday morning we grabbed the pups and took off for an adventure.

The road has plenty of curves but I did find one stretch of straight road.


You come around a curve and this is what you see.

Devil’s Tower is American’s first National Monument. It was supposedly named Devil’s Tower by a Colonel Dodge who misinterpreted the Native American name of the tower to be Bad God’s Tower which he shortened to Devil’s Tower.


Does this bring to mind Close Encounters of the Third Kind?


When we got to the park there was a line of vehicles waiting to go into the park. Way too many people for me. We have been here before so I told Jim I just didn’t want to deal with all the crowds.



We got some ice cream, took a picture of this magnificent monument  and then drove down to the little town of Hulett, WY.


Main Street


Saw some fall colors on our way home.


And had a beautiful sunset.



  1. Yes, Devil's Tower always makes me think of Close Encounters. And a pile of mashed potatoes shaped by a fork.

  2. What was the real Indian name for it?

  3. Nice views, you would think the crowds would have thinned out by now with schools opened up again

  4. Brings back memories of our visit in the summer of 2008. We hike around the base while watching climbers scaling the tower. It's always nice to see.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. I'm with you on the crowds and thought my views from a distance were better than up close.

  6. Too bad a bout the crowds . but a distant view is better than none.
    Wonderful sunset picture.

  7. There were not many crowds at Devil's Tower when I visited it back in 2008. Didn't have enough time to hike around it and I've regretted that ever since. But there is always "Next Time"! :c)

  8. What a great drive!! Love that area....

  9. We have seen the tower but did not enter the park. The zoom lens got me closer:)


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