Saturday, September 29, 2018

Whiskey Rebellion

Washington, PA  (I’m so far behind I can’t remember what the temperature was but it wasn’t bad.)

20180910_112322We stayed at the KOA in Washington. It was definitely out in the hills. This is the road from the office to the actual campground.

I got a text from Delores wanting to know if we could meet for dinner. She is married to my high school classmate, Larry. They bought an older home that has been keeping them busy.

One problem, we did not plan to unhitch and they lived north of Pittsburg. Well, maybe that’s two problems. But they were willing to drive down and pick us up to go to dinner. Now that’s friendship.

On our way to the Union Grille, Larry told me that Washington, PA was the one of the leading towns in the Whiskey Rebellion. The Whiskey Rebellion was a tax protest beginning in 1791 against the whiskey tax imposed on domestic products by the newly formed federal government with George Washington as President.

Larry and Delores


Loved his shirt.


Did you know that they put French fries on their salads in this part of the country? Really strange.


Thanks guys for making the trip down to see us. It was so much fun.


Wish we had more time to explore this area but we pushed on the next day to Martinsburg, WV.


  1. Better on a salad than a sandwich.

  2. It was about 40 miles from where we lived. That town has a very neat trolley museum. If you'd have gone west on highway 844 you would have been very close.

  3. Nice of your friends picking you up for a get together.
    Hope things have dried up in WV.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. That is a wild shirt, for sure. Great friends to come and pick you up!

    I'm almost having a whiskey rebellion myself. I have an unopened bottle in my cabinet, and I don't even drink whiskey of the bourbon kind. But Rocky has been such a pill today I darn near opened the bottle and had a swig!

  5. That was really nice of them to drive down and then take you to lunch to catch up a pit. Sure is a great looking salad. Love his shirt

  6. French fries on a salad? Well, I put fruit in mine so for some that's strange too. I bet you were pretty safe with that whiskey tax but maybe not so much Jim!

  7. Was nice to meet up with your friends and a bonus they picked you up. A salad with fries, can trick your body into thinking the fries are healthy and good for you

  8. We are in that part of the county and we don't put FF on our salads. But we do on our hamburgers....hehe


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