Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Backroad Sights

Kankakee, IL   High 70  Low 55

After breakfast we left Geneseo and ended up at the KOA in Kankakee, IL. We are on our way to Middlebury, IN. Yes, we are going to go north for a few days before we continue east and south.

We went a few miles on I-80 and then headed off onto backroads. I much prefer these roads to the interstate. I loved seeing all the churches amongst the cornfields.




The clouds were so fluffy in the blue sky.


We also crossed the Illinois River on the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge.


Our journey today from Kankakee to Middlebury on backroads was not a good idea. Jim was not impressed with my choice of roads.

These are two lane roads with very little shoulder. Lots of little towns to slow down for, lots of curves, and for some reason so many semis. Oversize loads – we must have followed at least four of them. This one was definitely the largest.


Needless to say we did not make very good time. We also ended up behind an “older” driver who wouldn’t go over 40 mph (speed limit was 55) and absolutely no place to pass him.

This was a beautiful section of the road.


Cute water tower


When we got to Logansport, there was a small sign that said the bridge was out on Highway 24. But their detour signs were non-existent. We had to stop and get directions in order to get over the river and find our route again.

We are finally in Middlebury, IN and ready to relax for a couple of days. Gotta give Jim a chance to recover.


  1. At least you had beautiful scenery. That's what I call a long short cut.

  2. And give Jim a go at choosing the route. 😀

  3. Recovery time is good. Maybe Jim can spend part of it planning the next leg of travel? Does he realize it's not as easy as it sounds?

  4. You did see some pretty sights for a while at least. But those detours that have no detour route are horrible. I got caught in one going to Williams, AZ and just drive in circles for hours. Better luck on your next trek

  5. We enjoy the back roads for short periods of time, always wonderful scenery, but they do take quite a bit longer to get to your destination. Now you can relax for a while.

  6. Love the scenery when we aren't in a hurry to be somewhere.
    Always love the Middlebury, In. area.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Definitely pros and cons on back roads.

  8. I’ll do backroads any day! I hate the interstates. When I drive home to NY, I take I81 (or is it 83?). A little longer than 85, but less traffic. Not a real backroad, but a compromise for you and Jim?


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