Friday, October 2, 2015

Best Friends for over 40 Years

Glendive, MT  High 82  Low 54

The main reason we headed for Glendive was to visit with our good friend, Vaughn. I have known Vaughn for over 40 years and we have had many wonderful and exciting adventures together. And if he tries to tell you some stories about these adventures, don’t believe him.

He has two foreign exchange students who stay with him for nine months and attend high school in Glendive. One of the boys is from Italy and the other from Brazil. I’m not good with names so I must apologize for that. They speak pretty good English but it was fun to hear the different accents. Very polite young men.


DSCN1113 Vaughn was busy getting ready for International Night at the high school and was busy making Ladyfingers for the Tiramisu that he was taking to the party. Those were the best Ladyfingers I have ever had and he’s lucky there were any left.

We had some wonderful visits and are really looking forward to our next get together – probably in Arizona.

Thanks Vaughn for everything, but especially for being my friend through thick and thin. I love you, man.


  1. How great--being able to catch up with some old friends... Vaughn sounds like a wonderful man and great friend. NEAT that he houses and works with 'exchange' students... Love it.


  2. Hanging out with long time friends is a real pleasure:)

  3. It is nice being able to visit good friends we haven't seen for a while. Glad you had a good time.

  4. Nice to catch up with old friends after so long.

  5. I have never had anyone bring Ladyfingers and Tiramisu to any party I have been too. Those people were really lucky!

    The boys looks like really nice kids. Vaughn is doing such a nice thing to take care of those boys.

  6. Great that you have maintained the friendship for so long.

  7. It's good to have friends who can tell stories from way back when--even if you don't want them to tell those stories.


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