Monday, October 26, 2015

Pahranagat NWR

Alamo, NV   High 78  Low 44

I promised you a post about a wonderful gem that we found but first I wanted to let you know we are back in Apache Junction. Not without some stress but that will also be another post.


So back to the gem. As I said previously, we weren’t impressed with the boondocking site in Ash Springs and headed further down the road. We got fuel in Alamo, NV and continued south on HWY 93.


We noticed a sign that showed RV camping and decided to check it out. So very glad we did.

Pahranagat NWR  - 5,382 acres of lakes, marshes, meadows and desert located on the Pacific Flyway (a major north-south migratory route). 264 bird species have been recorded on the refuge.


We drove down a dirt road for about two miles and wondered if we were ever going to find the campground. Finally saw a camp host site and stopped to check in. The camp host came out to greet us and found out she is from Columbia Falls, MT. She was excited to see a rig from Montana roll in.


The campsites are wonderful – looking out over the lake and marshland. Once again they are only recommended for RV’s under 30 feet. I am so glad we have our Bungalow which fits almost anywhere.

DSCN1433And best of all it was FREE. There are only 14 sites and four of them are for tents only. There is also one disabled spot. That leaves only 9 spots for RVs. When we left the next morning there was only one available spot. If you want to stay here you need to arrive early and in the middle of the week.




  1. What a gem indeed! It looks like you really found a nice spot to settle in. However, now that you've posted it, it might be full the next time you roll through.

  2. Looks like a great place to stop over. Gald you made it safely back home.

  3. A gem for sure. You were surrounded by nature at its finest.

  4. That looks like a great place to spend some relaxing time.

  5. Very few of our refuges have campgrounds. You were lucky!

  6. Now that is a wonderful spot and free is just the way we like to stay.
    Eno\joy your time there and safe travels down the road.

  7. Free? At a government campground? Wow, that's really some find. ;c)

  8. You must be glad to be back at Apacbe Junction, though the stop in NV sounds lovely. Beautiful pictures!

  9. Welcome home! Hard to believe that you are back already.

    Thanks for this post. We had planned on staying there about Nov. 7th but we are 40' plus towing so I guess we won't fit :(

  10. I will keep this campground at the refuge in mind if I travel in Nevada during the next year or two. Looks like it's right down my alley. We any of the tent sites taken?

  11. I rode the bike over by your place, but didn't find anybody out and about.. Both doors were closed, as it dawned on my I didn't know which door to knock on.. That was Sunday about 4:30. I was worried you might be napping so I went on about my business.

  12. When we were there. it was pretty empty and there was certainly no campground host. I guess it got discovered.

  13. When we were there. it was pretty empty and there was certainly no campground host. I guess it got discovered.

  14. Glad you made it back. Your pictures are great the last 2 are really wonderful


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