Sunday, September 27, 2015

Finishing Up in Billings with some Rolling and Bumping

Billings, MT  High  93  Low 55

Thursday was doctor appointments for me. Once again I am healthy as a horse – just need to lose weight and exercise more. Good to go for another year.

Friday morning we both got pedicures. Then Friday night Jim and Todd went to the races out at Billings Motor Park. Michaela had plans with a girlfriend so the girls and I stayed home and did nothing.

Saturday we had lunch with Judy and Gary. Nearly three hours later we finally said goodbye until next summer.


Last night we went to the Roller Derby. Really confusing to watch when you don’t have a clue what any of the rules are. But we slowly figured some of it out and by the end were yelling and screaming with the rest of the hometown crowd.


Jim and I used to watch roller derby on TV back in the 70’s (before we even knew each other). I even went to see a couple of derbies in person back then. Things have changed somewhat – they seem to have a lot more rules. These girls were not allowed to use their hands, elbows, forearms, helmets, etc. etc. etc. It was pretty tame compared to what I remember.

Jim and Michaela climbed up to the top of the bleachers. I don’t climb anything anymore so Todd and I sat down on the first row. (Always somebody in the way. Wonder if she hid her face because she’s with somebody she shouldn’t be or on America’s Most Wanted.)


I loved this official’s name. Don’t his skates and socks remind you of the wicked witch melting under the house from the Wizard of Oz?


Our grandpuppies





Our Scootz enjoying the sunshine


The Rimrocks as we drive up Zimmerman Trail.


Tomorrow we head further east. Not sure if we will have any internet for the next week or so but when we do I’ll get a blog post done.


  1. I remember roller derby way before the 70's my aunt loved it and she would be screaming and hollering all over the place. Those days they knocked the crap out of each other and it was a slanted rink. Very exciting to a little kid and I guess the grown up kids too.

    safe travels

  2. Humm, my Dr. told me the same thing. He said the weight puts me under stress for the new hip I am getting 10/7.

  3. I wonder where the saying...healthy as a horse came from? Everyone uses Glad you are as healthy as a...well you know how it goes.

    I remember watching Roller Derby on TV also. My Italian grandma just loved that show. She would yell at home as if she were at the rink. What a hoot.

  4. Watching roller derby in the 50's was second only to watching wrestling with Haystack Calhoun. ;)

  5. Ah, Zoe is a beagle. Is she a good beagle? Most aren't. Jason and Michelle's Baxter is so fat, he can hardly get up.

  6. Roller derby, do they still do that? I thought it went out with the 70s.

  7. Roller derby, do they still do that? I thought it went out with the 70s.

  8. We went to a roller derby ... once. Not sure it's something I'm really into but hey ---- been there, done that.

  9. We went to a rollerderby this spring and really enjoyed it too.
    But like you said pretty tame compared to back in the 70's.

  10. My doctor tells me the same thing. I've haven't heard of roller derby in years and didn't realize it still existed.

  11. I guess if one remembers the rough antics of roller derby, you are showing your age. I have no recollection of any violence... :cD

  12. So happy that you are healthy and good to go :)


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