Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Side Trip to Intake

Sidney, MT   High 75  Low 44

I was born and raised in Sidney, MT which is only 51 miles from Glendive. We haven’t been back to Sidney since my Dad died in 2010 and I really wanted to visit my old stomping grounds.

Yellowstone River


Along the way we stopped at Intake Fishing Access on the Yellowstone River. Most of Montana’s fishing access areas have primitive camping sites. Intake has sites that are right on the river and even though the campground isn’t well taken care of, it was a pretty place. Especially in the Fall with all the leaves turning.


In 1904-1905, the diversion dam and ditch were established at Intake. The dam diverts water from the Yellowstone River into the big ditch which in turns waters thousands of acres of ranches.


Part of the campground area.


Hey Dad – what are you doing in there without me.


A lot of the trees had lost most of their leaves but there were a couple that were still gorgeous.



At one time Intake was initially a town of promise, but this school is all that remains.



  1. Nice to visit the old stomping grounds.
    Love the fall colors, not much here yet.

  2. I always enjoy visits back to my ole stomping grounds as well

  3. The trees are gorgeous. I'm the same about visiting places I've lived and that hold good memories.

  4. Such nice memories! The fall colors are beautiful as well as the Yellowstone River.

  5. Wow, the whole place seems to have fallen apart without you! ;c)

  6. I am sure the visit brought back many, many great memories.

    Love seeing the fall colors. Gorgeous.

  7. Side trip down memory lane, fun! Great fall colors.

  8. I like going back and seeing how things have changed. Sometimes the change is so much it's hard to recognize and at other times, it looks like we were there yesterday.

  9. Love the Fall leaves. Sad when a town just stop being


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