Thursday, October 22, 2015


Jackpot, NV   High 53  Low 42  Windy

We left Craters of the Moon in a fog. Literally.


I love how the clouds sit on the mountains.



Idaho roadblock


We were headed to Jackpot, NV for a couple of nights. Going to meet up with my sister and her hubby who are celebrating their wedding anniversary.

More clouds.


It sprinkled on us a few times but we never really had rain. Nice easy drive.

We stayed at Saguaro RV Park at Cactus Pete’s casino. It’s only $18 a night and offered basic cable. We had planned to dump while we were there but the water was turned off – no idea why and nobody could seem to tell us why – so we didn’t get that job done.

I only took one picture in Jackpot. Nothing to take pictures of and my sister hates to have her picture taken. 

the girls


  1. Can't fight the weather so don't waist energy on that ,just go along and enjoy

  2. I was expecting a monetary jackpot! I'm so disappointed... ;c)

  3. Looks like Jackpot is the gambling town serving the Twin Falls area.

  4. The coloration of the mountains around Craters of the Moon are so soft looking, but I just can't imagine driving a covered wagon through that area back in the day.

  5. Nice that the drive went well. They should have given you a discount at the RV park if the water was turned off. Maybe they turn it off in preparation for the freezing temperatures that will soon be there.

  6. And here I thought you won the lottery and were looking for someone to donate a good chunk of money to. :-)

  7. I liked that park. Probably because they have pull thrus. The girls are looking happy.

  8. The one photo in Jackpot is perfect!

    I love looking at the mountains and clouds. Gorgeous.

  9. What no lottery win? Hmmm, but at least you had a nice visit, thats a jackpot.

  10. That roadblock reminds me of rural Ireland! Happens all the time. I always enjoyed watching the dogs work to try to get the animals going where they should be going.

  11. A real jackpot would be good but that's a little like finding all that gold at the end of the rainbow. You have to find the rainbow first.

    Your roadblock is probably a little more entertaining than one you have to sit at for road construction. It's also one you won't find in the center of Phoenix.

    Enjoy your ride.

  12. Nice fog and cloud pictures. Sometimes I forget that pictures don't have to have blue skies.

  13. Nice fog and cloud pictures. Sometimes I forget that pictures don't have to have blue skies.

  14. Not much to do there other than gamble. We camped there once, in a snow storm. It was COLD.


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