Sunday, October 11, 2015

Painted Canyon

Medora, ND – Still howling wind, rain and cold

DeeBev – had no idea that TR was actually a squatter. Thanks for the info.

I wanted to see the Painted Canyon and even though it was so cold we headed out. It’s just a few miles east on the interstate and is right off the interstate.

We saw this beauty on our way. We stayed safely in the truck.


We stopped at the Visitor’s Center but they didn’t have much to offer so that meant we HAD to go outside to the viewpoint. We were there long enough for me to take a few pictures and then my hands were so cold I couldn’t push the button on the camera any more.




The flag was lowered because of the school shooting in Oregon. It was flapping so hard in the wind I thought it was going to rip.


DSCN1265As we were pulling out a young man in a van asked us if we could help him jump his van which wouldn’t start. He had jumper cables so he and Jim hooked up the truck. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. And remember how cold it is. Jim was able to figure out that it was a starter solenoid and was able to show him how to bypass it with a screwdriver to start the van. That would get him to Wisconsin where a buddy could help him. It does feel good when you can help someone out.


  1. Bypass the solenoid? I'm impressed!

  2. I remember starting my 65 Chevy that way all winter when we were in college... Didn't have enough money to buy a new starter... They only cost about $25 dollars back then, but we were poooor!

  3. I remember starting my old cars like that years ago. Now these newer vehicles its pretty hard to even see the starter let alone reach it.
    Good job.

  4. Good job, Jim!
    I didn't know it was so cold up there already. Yuck!

  5. I'm glad that it's not snowing. Now start heading south so you don't get stuck in that white stuff.

    It's nice to help people on the road. Hopefully, that fellow appreciated all the help Jim offered too.

  6. I, also, always feel good when I can help someone - nice job Jim

  7. Thanks for freezing your fingers, the photos are great. You rock Jim!

  8. I know that I've always appreciated those good Samaritans that have appeared along my road of life.

  9. Painted Canyon looks like a place to see. I think we will plan on a warm weather visit:)

  10. Nice! We sure hope to take that route in the next year or so! Would have probably caught up with you guys this year. Looks like you are having fun before having to be back in AZ! Keep the light on for us, we're comin'!

  11. You gotta be heading south soon. The cold is on the go and will catch up to you.

  12. Nice job Jim. The Painted Canyon is pretty. I read somewhere someone else didn't like what 10 was doing to their pictures. Hopw you all figure it out

  13. You sure are experiencing extreme weather this year.

  14. You sure are experiencing extreme weather this year.


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