Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jim Goes Flying

Medora, ND  The wind has died down but it’s still cold

We said goodbye to Toni and Doug as they headed on their way to Minnesota and good family times.

We were enjoying the quiet campground and Jim decided to get his airplane and do some flying.



I probably took 50 pictures trying to get the airplane in the frame. Most of the time I couldn’t see a thing except my own reflection. I ended up with two pictures with an airplane in them.



When we got up Tuesday morning to get ready to leave, this was our view. We weren’t in any hurry and by the time we headed back to Glendive most of the fog had burned off especially out on the interstate.


I wrote previously about what happened to Vaughn in Glendive. This is Vaughn and his daughter Makenna at dinner the night he went to the hospital.

Vaughn and McKenna

We spent Tuesday night in the Glendive RV Park and this gorgeous sunrise greeted us Wednesday morning as we got hitched up to head back to Billings.


I’m sitting here waiting for word on Vaughn. We will be leaving on Monday to head further west and south.

Vaughn is doing amazingly well and we are headed out this morning for more adventures.


  1. I thought it might be time for you to point the truck south

  2. Heading south is good we have a week then will be on the road, hope to meet up with you guys at some point this winter.

  3. Flying looks like so much fun. I am glad he is having a good time

  4. Trying to get a picture of the plane in flight is much like trying to get a bird in flight, definitely not an easy task!

  5. Our wifi is lagging and couldn't pull up the pictures but I'm sure Jim had a great time flying.

  6. For having such a late start to your travels you sure are covering lots of ground or is that road. Vaughn looks very young to have the heart problems sure hope he will be OK. Jim looks quite happy flying his plane

  7. Glad your friend is doing well. Today was the last 100 degree day of the year. Come on home.

  8. Glad your friend is doing well. Today was the last 100 degree day of the year. Come on home.

  9. I could use a flight the other day when it was overbooked from LAX to YYZ, next time JIM....

  10. Let Jim know if you are ever out this way he has an open invitation to fly the Sundowner with me. I think he would like some right seat time. Who can resist flying the coast along Assateague Island?


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