Friday, October 16, 2015

Leaving Billings Until Next Year

Livingston, MT  High 74  Low 45

Saturday Billings shattered their previous high record when the temperature reached 92. That’s in October. Also heard that the Phoenix area is having some record hot days also – in the low 100’s. That is not normal for October. Then on Sunday we had WIND and more WIND. They recorded a 70 mph gust at the airport. Sure was glad we were tucked in next to the house which helped block some of the wind.

We visited with Vaughn on Sunday and he was awake and alert, at least for a few minutes. We left him drifting back off to sleep on his cushion of pain killers.

This morning, Monday, we pulled out of Todd’s driveway and headed west to Livingston (a total of 120 miles). Still had some wind to contend with so that was far enough for us. We’re dry camping at the Livingston Fairgrounds for free (electric is $20). Not a bad deal.


Tomorrow is another 88 miles southwest to Ennis. That should be a beautiful drive.

Sunrise in Livingston.



  1. Safe drive. Sounds like an easy pace.

  2. Love the wildlife photos! Will have to make a list of your stays when we see you so we can do our ND, SD trip soon.

  3. It just might cool down now. I know Phx is warmer than here but it's looking better. I am so ready for this change in weather.
    Safe Travels

  4. Hard to believe those high temps this late in the year - no wonder you haven't been anxious to head south.

  5. Huh, you set a record high yesterday and we have a freeze warning tonight. Guess we must be on the other side of a front. I hope the weather is good for your travels.

  6. Are you taking your time heading south? We're going to travel US 60 in Oklahoma tomorrow. A little different route than usual.

  7. Sometimes those little short trips are needed. They're so much less stressful than those long day trips.


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